TAKE PART IN A UNIQUE AND VIGOROUS BBQ SHOW “Dirty Steak Show” is an entertaining BBQ show with firecrackers and a wildly powerful drum show! During the performance we are grilling the meat directly in the glowing coals, show drummer SIIM KOPPEL playing for us, we dance around the fire and, in a sense, also in the fire. After the performance, we also talk about barbecuing in general and, if you like, we can do more in-depth grilling and BBQ training. We can arrange fire eaters to take part in our show or we can walk on the coals ourselves! During the show you will get a brief description of the history of the Dirty Steak Show, which, according to its creator Enn Tobreluts, began in his previous life back in 1078 in Peru (the story is fierce and powerful in that context!). One thing is sure – our show will be a very gripping and memorable experience!