Enn Tobreluts

Internationally renowned grill-master, meat and BBQ trainer, exclusive caterer, restaurateur, and importer-distributor of BBQ grills/spices/drinks and many more products and everything that goes with them!

Enn Tobreluts’ meat related journey began in 1996, when he went to work in the food hall of the Stockmann department store in Tallinn, first as a salesman on the meat counter, and later as a trained fishmonger and butcher. Enn then worked as Meat Product Manager at the Rakvere Meat Processing Company from 1998 to 2008, before moving to London to take up the position of Group Catering Manager for the Bodean’s BBQ restaurant chain from 2008 to 2010.

All along, he has also devoted himself to his own enterprises. The grill and barbecue story actually began in 1999 with the first Estonian Grillfest (festival), and in 2004 he was a member of the “BBQ Fighters” team, who starred at the European BBQ Championship, coming in at 8th place in the world! In the same year they also won the Estonian Championship at the now annual Grillfest. Enn won 2nd place at the 2010 “Grillstock” BBQ Championships in England, and has many other key awards and achievements under his belt, both in Estonia and abroad. His last podium place was in 2013 when he came second in the Estonian BBQ Championships. After that Enn hasven’t competed anymore and has been focusing oned to improving his businesses.

In the years since, he has participated in competitions as a judge, including being the international judge at the Kansas City BBQ Society. Since 2007 he has been the Head Judge of the Grillfest competitions and of the Estonian Grilling Society. Enn has written many articles on meat and barbecuing, is the author of several books, and has participated in various food-related television shows and videos. During this time he has led more than 1500 training sessions on meat, grilling and barbecuing.

The brand name Enn Tobreluts / BBQ Entertainment is now attached to a whole range of BBQ accessories, spices, charcoals and other products. This includes some of the best-selling marinated meats and shashliks in Estonian market in recent years, all created to Enn’s recipes. He is a highly respected consultant for both the meat industry and for restaurants. On 10th June 2016, Enn was given a Lifetime Achievement Award for his “Contribution to the Development of Estonian Grilling Culture”.

While Enn Tobreluts is the sole owner of BBQ Entertainment Ltd, a company engaged in exclusive catering and the import/export and the sales of goods, his two successful “casual fine dining” restaurants Pull (Bull) and Härg (Ox) in Tallinn were established jointly with his good friend Andres Tuule. Naturally Enn’s team also makes a huge contribution to the success of all these activities, both in BBQ Entertainment Ltd (where general manager Margit’s and other team members contribution has been invaluable over the years) and in Pull Restoranid Ltd (for the two restaurants).

Enn Tobreluts is the creator of the world-famous “Dirty Steak” cooking method, where, using a special technique, the meat is cooked right in the glowing coals.

“BBQ is a great lifestyle, not just for fun!”